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Bodega Hopping in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is far enough away from mainland Europe that the wineries were unscathed during the great European phylloxera plague of the 19th century, yet close enough to benefit from Spanish knowhow in developing great wines. It is because of its great climate and these unique condition that Lanzarote boasts several wineries that serve local wines accompanied by tasty tapas. While each one is unique in its own rights, you can get a good mix by bodega hopping with the Lanzarote Active Club.

For 59 euros, you are able to visit four local wineries and taste their distinct bold flavors. This tour features tapas for lunch and transportation to the different wineries. Don’t drink too much at each one, as you will be sampling eight different wines over the course of the day. Still, it helps to know that someone else will be doing the driving!

The tour also gives you a chance to see how the wines are made. The vineyards themselves also have the distinction of being unlike any you have seen before. What looks like a black moon landscape of volcanic soils gives rise to the grapes that will become each individual masterpiece.

You can certainly go off tour and make your own plans. Start at the oldest winery on Lanzarote. Established a year before the American Revolution, Bodega El Grifo turns raw grapes into fine wines using no machinery. It is all done by hand at this family-owned bodega.

Bodega la Geria also provides tours to patrons who want to get a sense of how these wines are made. Tours start at as little as eight euros, and you get a chance to sip on this year’s vintage while taking in the story of how their wine is produced.

Statvs is our personal favorite though. Although a relatively new winery, and a very small producer, their wines are outstanding and have received numerous international accolades – most notably for their Moscatel Liquor. A must have if you visit them!

As you taste the wines produced from grapes only grown on the island, you might notice that these wines have a flavor that is as unique as Lanzarote itself. Much of this comes from the climate and environment in which the grapes are grown. The volcanic soils are incredibly rich in nutrients. If you think about how volcanic soils of Kona produce world-class coffee, you can start to understand how the rich soils of Lanzarote can produce such a flavorful grape. This volcanic soil also helps to solve a climate issue. Since rainfall is so scarce on Lanzarote, the soils help to moderate the water intake of the vines. The grapes grow slower and therefore can survive periods of drought. The owners of these wineries know how to manage their vines, and will even prune them during drought to keep the vines from becoming dormant.

If you don’t make it to the bodegas, be sure to sample their wines while dining at one of the many restaurants on the island. You won’t be disappointed.

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