Hiking is one of the best ways to experience the awesome beauty and natural surroundings of Lanzarote. Getting off the beaten path is easy given the number of hiking trails and scenic paths that you can take. While some take you through the Timanfaya National Park or the volcanos of the interior, the coastal hikes of Lanzarote may be the most rewarding day trips.

One of the easiest hikes is to walk between Puerto Calero and Puerto del Carmen. This sometimes winding path varies between brick and rock as it meanders down the coast. This is a great way to experience the scenic beauty of Lanzarote without a taxi while still having a bar or restaurant waiting for you at the other side. You will pass the old harbour of Puerto del Carmen along the way.

The other extreme is the path from Famara to Mirador del Rio. Huge cliffs drop straight down to the surf with very little beach in between. Landslides along this path have made it so treacherous that the path now carries a warning to those who dare to complete it. A British hiker disappeared along this trail in 2011, bearing a testament to how difficult and dangerous this hike can become.

Las Galerias de Lanzarote are water tunnels, of which three were carved into the island. One in particular is open for adventure. It is located in Famara, and due to the difficult terrain that must be crossed to access the tunnel, it is recommended that you use a guide. Still, seeing water flowing from an island that gets little rain is a pretty neat sight, especially when you are under the island!

Near Papagayo there is a particularly unique coastal hike that you might consider taking. The Pozos del San Marcial del Rubicón are historical wells that can be explored while on an official tour. The tour guides have the keys to the gates! This trip takes you on a circular walk of five kilometers, which exposes you to some of the marvels dating back to the 15th century, when Europeans first settled Lanzarote.

If you noticed La Graciosa while sipping a coffee at Mirador del Rio, you may be pleased to know that a ferry can take you there for a day of hiking. Stroll around or take a bike. The island’s 27 square kilometers are more than you will be able to discover in a day.

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