Finca La Corona

Finca La Corona, in Ye, is a unique place in the world. It is divided into six large houses that were named after the way their position relates to the world: Amanecer [Dawn], Naciente [East], Poniente [West], Vista Corona [Views of La Corona Volcano], Vista Risco [Views of the Cliffs] and La Trasera (which has the best possible access to the premises’ heated swimming pool). Each of the houses therefore embodies part of the landscape and is an intense and different way of being in contact with the land. All the houses have wide spaces, large rooms and bathrooms, luxury furnishings and access to the heated pool.

4 people, 2 bathroom, heated pool
4 people, 2 bathroom, heated pool
4 people, 1 bathroom, heated pool

Ye, Haría – Lanzarote

La Corona Volcano

If we were to ask a boy or girl from anywhere in the world to draw a volcano, we are sure that the volcano they would draw would look like La Corona volcano, at the foothills of which nestles the tiny village of Ye. Some say that La Corona is the most beautiful volcano in the Canary Islands.

We can’t say this is true, but we are sure that it is no exaggeration. It is not the tallest, despite reaching a height of 600 metres, nor is it the most threatening, but its proportions are exact and comprise the secret balance that makes natural landscapes so stunning. It is a heavenly volcano. A lighthouse drawing in moisture from the sea.


Many of the ecological and environmental processes in Lanzarote would be difficult to understand without La Corona, without this magnet of clouds. It is here where lapilli began to be used for crops, where the geological system that led to marvels such as the Cueva de los Verdes or the Jameos de Agua started.

For 21,000 years La Corona has brought order to the landscape of Lanzarote. And as a result we can say that there is nowhere like Ye. And Ye could be nowhere else. Our houses in Finca La Corona, at the foot of the volcano, and beside the cliff, are an invitation to breathe, to think, to let oneself be carried away, in Lanzarote’s own environmental operational centre.