Discovering Lanzarote: What to do while staying at our villas – La Graciosa

Discovering Lanzarote: What to do while staying at our villas – La Graciosa

This week we conclude our series of sharing Lanzarote’s treasures with you. This is the tenth in our series on the sights, sounds and tastes that await when you come to stay at one of our luxury villas. Today we will visit the tiny Isla Graciosa which lies just north of Lanzarote.

Vista de La Graciosa

Commonly known as La Graciosa, “the amusing one,” this beautiful island is part of Parque Natural del Archipiélago Chinijo, the Biosphere Reserve. As we said when telling you about the Mirador del Río, you can see the island of La Graciosa from there, across the Río strait. From Lanzarote, you take a short, 35 minute ferry ride from Orzola to visit La Graciosa.

Entirely made of volcanic rock and sand, La Graciosa has no native water source, but don’t worry; since 2001 Lanzarote has piped desalinated water directly to its smaller sister island. The roads are made of unpaved sand and motor vehicles are strictly prohibited (with a few exceptions for special purposes).

So why come to La Graciosa? Come if you want to spend time on quiet, secluded beaches beside the crystal clear sea, away from the noise of civilization. The port, and only town with permanent residents, is Caleta del Sebo. Here you will find picturesque white houses with brightly painted doors and windows, as well as a scenic walkway along the harbor, with views of colorful boats and yachts. You can hire a bicycle to tour the southern sand dunes, or walk the west or north coast as a relaxing day trip. Particularly beautiful are the Playa de la Cocina, a little bay with soft light sand beside Montaña Amarilla, a naturally red and yellow volcanic hill, and the Playa de las Conchas, a long impressive sandy beach.

You will want to make sure you take water, food and sun protection with you when leaving Caleta del Sebo to explore La Graciosa’s amazing landscapes. On the ferry back to Lanzarote, you will have a fantastic view of the towering cliffs on Lanzarote’s northern coast.

We hope you have enjoyed our series on Discovering Lanzarote. When you’re ready to discover our island for yourself and stay in one of our luxury villas, please contact us to make the arrangements!

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