Discovering Lanzarote: What to do while staying at our villas – Jameos del Agua

Discovering Lanzarote: What to do while staying at our villas – Jameos del Agua

This week we continue sharing Lanzarote’s treasures with you. This is the third in the series on what awaits you when you come to stay at one of our luxury villas, and today we will focus on an attraction which combines elements of our first two treasures.

As noted in our first installment, the Canary Islands are volcanic in origin and there is evidence of volcanic activity throughout Lanzarote. César Manrique, our homegrown artist and architect, artistically developed today’s treasure in 1968, and you can view this Jameos del Agua yourself when you come to Lanzarote.

A jameo is a collapsed lava tube—of which there are many on Lanzarote. In this case, the lava tube was created when Montaña La Corona erupted about 4000 years ago. As the lava flowed down from the volcano, the surface hardened, but lava continued to flow beneath it. The lava flowed all the way to the Atlantic ocean, leaving empty tubes beneath the surface of the lava flow. Volcanic gases then built up in the tubes, eventually causing the roof of the tube to collapse under pressure in some places. The result is, in essence, an open-air cave.

When you visit Jameos del Agua, you descend a winding staircase built into the lava, reaching a bar and restaurant (called “the most beautiful nightclub in the world”) near a lake with amazingly clear water. If you were to go exploring, you could find in this lake a species of blind albino crab that is native only to Lanzarote—but swimming is not allowed, so you will have to take our word for that! It is this crab which is the logo, created by Manrique, for the Jameos del Agua. In addition to the restaurant and lake, you can move through another lava tube to a concert auditorium. There is also La Casa de los Volcanes, at the surface, which houses a fascinating museum on volcanoes.

So when you come to visit our lovely island, make sure to visit Jameos del Agua. Next time, we will tell you of another opportunity to explore our volcanic treasures. In the meantime, contact us with any questions you might have about Lanzarote or our luxury villas!

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