Discovering Lanzarote: What to do while staying at our villas – Arrecife

Discovering Lanzarote: What to do while staying at our villas – Arrecife

This week we continue sharing Lanzarote’s treasures with you. This is the eighth in our series on the sights, sounds and tastes that await when you come to stay at one of our luxury villas. Today we will visit our current capital, Arrecife.

Arrecife means “reef” in Spanish and the name reveals its origins as a fishing village. There are lots of reefs and natural harbors in the area—perfect for snorkeling and diving, or just enjoying a stroll along the lovely promenade which winds its way beside the shoreline to Reducto Beach. One lovely place we like to visit is El Charco de San Ginés, a lagoon filled with picturesque fishing boats and surrounded by fishermen’s cottages as well as restaurants where you can eat the fishermen’s catch.

But Arrecife is much more than its seaside history. Home to half of Lanzarote’s population, it became our capital because it developed commercial and political power, making it a bustling, but friendly, city. Like its predecessor, Teguise, Arrecife has some lovely historical sites as well, including the Castles of San Gabriel (which defended this area of the coastline in the days of regular pirate attacks, and now is home to the Archaeological Museum) and San Jose (built in Naos Bay by King Carlos III and now home to the International Museum of Contemporary Art). The historic church of San Ginés, with its roots in the fishing community, stands on the site of the first hermitage in this area. This church hosts a fantastic Corpus Christi festival on August 15 each year.

As with any city, there are great opportunities for shopping and dining in Arrecife. Calle Real hosts a number of excellent shops where you can practice your haggling skills and lively cafes where you can relax and enjoy the scenery and fresh local seafood.

So when you come to Lanzarote, make sure to visit our charming seaside capital of Arrecife. Next time we’ll introduce you to a place where you can meet some of our more prickly natural residents—our cacti. Meanwhile, if you have questions, please contact us now to learn more about our island and our luxury villas!

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